October 19, 2018

Classes and Workshops


Cultivating Self LoveIMG_0086


On going. Two Saturdays a month. Contact me for details.

Sorrento Valley Rd


Cost $20.

One of the most asked questions that I get is “How do I love myself?”  So I am doing classes devoted to Cultivating self love.

This is a experiential class where you will have the opportunity to feel what I am talking about and learn techniques and simple processes to support you in your life.

The purpose of this class is to give the participants the opportunity to feel their own internal guidance system. I will be teaching them body awareness and how to track there internal reality so that they can become aware of how they block receiving love, where they go into judgement, where they shut down or go into a defense strategy.

This class is not about releasing, fixing or getting rid of something. However, as we focus on how to bring more joy and self love into your life it may bring up emotions.

This will be a small class with limited space.. Payment will be your commitment and no refunds will be given. (unless it is canceled)

If you have any questions about this class you can email me at  lori@soulescapehealing.com.