Be Nice to Yourself

MB900438205Lori, Cut yourself a break, your doing great!

These were the very words I wrote across the top of my paper one day while I was attending my Holistic school.

It seemed that with every class there were more skills and techniques to learn and with every release there was more buried emotions and issues that needed to be addressed…. before I could ever think of helping somebody else.

The pressure and overwhelm started to create doubt, but then I had a moment where I remembered how far I had come. I realized how many things I had already changed in myself. How much I had learned and understood about the body mind.

I decided to cut myself a break! I made the conscious decision to notice my accomplishments. I appreciated my dedication and realized that I would never be done.

I’ve come to learn so much more since those days and there are still times where I have to remember to be easy with myself.

So here are a few thoughts that helped me along my journey.

Your not done till your dead. (I thought I had to be done and ‘fixed’ before I could help others.)

Do things that fascinate you, keep learning.

Have fun and… cut yourself a break, because your doing great!

If you are having trouble with that last suggestion, I can help.

Call Today, Start Change Tomorrow.

Lori Barnett