Drawing Inspiration.

It all started with a Groupon…. A fun night out for me and my husband. “Let’s go paint a picture” I said. “It will be fun!”… and it was. I caught the art bug that night and have since taken 4 others and signed up for an art class at the local college. What started …

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Expertise is Assumed.

I have been questioning my role in this world as a Healer/Coach.  My initial motivation for such a profession did not come from some miraculous awakening. I was not at deaths door, suffering from a physical illness or spiraling down some depression hole. I wasn’t broke or 100’s of pounds over weight. I was just …

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Loving Possibilities

Tomorrow is valentines day. A lot of people dread this day. But for me, its a day of loving possibilities.  It’s a day that gives people permission to be romantic and cheesy. To maybe take a risk and tell that guy or girl that you fancy them. Hearts and flowers are everywhere and love fills …

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When Tapping Doesn’t Work.

I have been sharing how a whole new layer of emotions and understandings have been surfacing for me. There are some that would ask why I don’t tap on them. Here is my response. When I feel these raw physical sensations  and they are strong, my body needs to move. I need to physically let …

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In a Nutshell.

Everything You take for Granted is a Blessing. Everything You Fear is a Friend in Disguise. Everything You Want is a a Part of You. Everything You Hate, You Hate about Yourself. Everything You Own does not Define You. Everything You Feel is the only Truth There is to Know. Jackson Kiddard

Wanting to Change

Sometimes I am not happy. There, I said it.   err..  wrote it.  That’s not an easy thing for me to admit. Oh sure, I know  it’s ok and being human doesn’t mean being happy all the time but never the less I don’t necessarily want people to know that.  It probably has something to …

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