Loving Possibilities

Tomorrow is valentines day. A lot of people dread this day. But for me, its a day of loving possibilities. IMG_1257

It’s a day that gives people permission to be romantic and cheesy. To maybe take a risk and tell that guy or girl that you fancy them.

Hearts and flowers are everywhere and love fills the air. ah…. nice, yes?

I remember weeding through the valentines when I was younger, looking for that special one to give the to the boy I liked but didn’t know how to tell him.

I remember receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers at work from a secret admirer.

Whether I was giving or receiving it felt exciting and fun.

And yes, I know there were times I was disappointed but it was usually  because of an expectation of another and not an intention of possibilities.

So I  learned to spend this day with an open heart..

It didn’t matter whether I was single or in a relationship because either way I was going to be in love that day. For one day I could dream and I could love myself for loving love.

And that is Valentines day to me.

I hope you spend this day being good to yourself and others.

Does this feel too challenging?

Are you noticing resistance?

Maybe you need a little help releasing what is in your way.

Call today, start change tomorrow.