TAG….You’re it!

The other day two little boys in the neighborhood were running around playing with ray guns. They wereMB900232111 yelling and calling out orders to each other, obviously trying to capture some imaginary thing. It was fun to watch. I asked them what they were shooting and one of them said “oh we’re just playing” I said “I know that, but I want to know what you’re shooting” then the other boy say’s “zombies! But not real ones” I had to chuckle that he felt the need to tell me they weren’t real.

As I walked away with a big smile on my face, I remembered how much fun it was to play like that. I felt a moment of melancholy for those days gone by.

As we get older and start getting “serious” about life and the words “grow up” dance in our heads. It‘s easy to forget that life can still be fun and wondrous. It just takes a kid or a trip to Disneyland to remind us.

So consider this your reminder to start playing. Allow yourself to imagine as you did when you were a child. Color, swing, buy a big colorful ball, sing at the top of your lungs, move your body, say no, make a fort, watch cartoons. What ever you remember was fun for you, DO IT.

Give yourself permission to go there. Let that inner child come out and play. Don’t judge, just allow.

Tag…..You’re it!

Have fun!