What My New Toothbrush Taught Me.

“Two Minutes!?  I had heard it countless times before from the dental hygienist.  But now that was the instructions and program on my new Sonicare sonicaretoothbrush.  That’s a long time to brush your teeth and certainly more time than I normally spend. But I had made the investment in this device and wanted to get the most out of it.

The directions suggested that you divide your mouth into quadrants and spend 30 seconds in each area. The device would beep when it was time to move from one area to the next.

Little did I know that this Sonicare toothbrush would teach me about presence AND mindfulness.

The first few times were excruciating long. I mean 2 whole minute on something that used to take me seconds.

Then……. maybe it was the fact that I was paying attention to this new feeling in my mouth or listening for the beeps, but it helped me to pay attention to the tooth brushing itself.

My awareness wandered into my mouth feeling the sensations as the brush went over each tooth.  My tongue following in behind to feel the smoothness left behind. I heard the beep indicating it was time to move to the next section. I got lost in the moment of this every simple act.

Then the 2 minutes were up and the device shut off, pulling me out of my peaceful, mindful moment.

I began to really enjoy this time, not giving it much thought. Until one day I was in a hurry.  Not the kind of hurry where a 2 minute tooth brushing would make a difference, but it sure felt like it. I switched on the device and noticed my mind take over. Thought after thought took my attention and I felt stressed and impatient. I thought “geez this is taking forever.” It was then that I had the awareness.

If I brought my attention to the present moment. If I became mindful of the sensations I was feeling. If I noticed all of this, I could change my state of being. I could quickly shift from stress to calm or any undesired feeling to a desired feeling.

Mindfulness was not new for me. I knew all about it. But this experience was different because it was something that I was already doing twice a day. A mundane, necessary habit that was transformed into a mindfulness (exercise) moment. There was nothing new that I had to start doing.

I experientially got to witness and feel the difference between being present and not. Twice a day for 2 minutes I get to practice the art of mindfulness.

The great thing about this, is that I don’t have to add anything to my ‘to do’ list. But instead practice being present in what I am already doing. No matter what it is.

So here is my question for you.

Where can you start to practice being more present and mindful in your life?

Start with the tasks you do daily. Notice how long you can stay aware of the sensations coming through your senses. Notice if the tasks become more enjoyable for you. Notice your thoughts about it.

If this is difficult, you may need some support in clearing  beliefs, thoughts and memories that don’t serve you in a healthy way.

As always I am here.

Call today, Start change tomorrow.