2012 the Year of Universal Shifts, World Changes and I turn 50!

Since this is such a monumental year…..I want to make sure I am creating the life I truly want to be living, both personally and professionally. To help me with this, I got myself a life and business coach. This was not any easy decision, because as you know, I think I can do it all myself. But I realized, the wonderful clients that I see, are coming to me because they need some help and I not only support this but I love this and the truth is I am no different from them, just maybe a bit more stubborn.

For starters, it just so happens that I won an opportunity to try out a new eating plan just for women. (I purposely did not use the word diet, but that is what it is) I cant tell you what it is yet but I will be talking about my journey on it. Then when I am done and I get permission I will tell you what it is and how to get it. Assuming I love it and get healthy results.

My goals are simple, 1. Feel more energetic. (so I can get things done) and 2. Feel comfortable in my clothes. (they were getting a little snug) I don’t own a scale so I cant tell you about the weight loss, but I don’t need a scale to tell me if I am fat or feeling unhealthy.

So far, I am loving it because you get to eat fat. In my past experiences I have always found this works for me. Fat helps you feel full and satisfied. Because of this one little thing, I feel that this will be a do-able plan.

I will tell you the one thing I am not liking right now, is the focus on food. I am thinking about it all the time. I don’t usually do that. I just eat something when I am hungry. Now I have to think about it, plan, shop and put the right portions and combinations together. Kind of a hassle, but It will be automatic soon. Remember if you don’t keep your goals conscious, you just do the things your use to. What we are looking for is change and that does take some effort.

I admit my eating was a little crazy for the last few months, add to that I haven’t been to the gym since August. So I needed to do something to put some focus on my health, even though I am pretty healthy ( I think!)

Also in my awareness is working on some fun business ideas and hopefully getting my book done. I also want to take a great vacation.

So, check back here and join me on my journey. I hope to inspire and motivate you to take charge of your life and create what you want most. You can learn from my mistakes and get some helpful hints. Feel free to comment and ask me questions caus we are all in this together…lets have some fun!