Stay Curious!

  Maybe cats have nine lives because they are curious. Stay curious about life and yourself.

The Real Secret!

I heard someone say “self love was not for wimps” It is so true.  You may be thinking self love is easy. You may be thinking why would you  even need to put effort into something so natural. Or maybe you think self love is selfish and arrogant.   The truth is, Self Love is …

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Help Now!

I am the type of person that doesn’t like to make appointments ahead of time. I like to wait until I need whatever it is that I need and then make the appointment.  For instance, as soon as my hair is driving me crazy I want to get a haircut….that day. Not next week or …

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SNAP your way out of a pattern.

SNAP© is a simple process to help you Snap out of a pattern that is not in alignment of what you really want.. Details and book coming soon.

Stop Trying!

How long have you been trying?  Trying to lose weight. Trying to find love. Trying to make money Trying to ‘be better’  I would not be surprised to hear “Lori I have been trying forever and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get it, find it, or get rid of it. It …

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Are You Lacking Confidence?

Take moments everyday to say “I love you” to yourself. Say it often and see if you can feel the peace and acceptance of your words.   You may find that it feels flat, untrue, even foreign to you. If this is the case, keep at it. Practice being patient and kind with yourself. It …

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“Is this all there is?”

There comes a time in many people’s lives when they question their existence and their purpose. It’s a time when the things that mattered once no longer seem to hold much joy or fulfillment. It is at this time that the calling of your soul is being heard. It is an invitation to look within. …

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Your Emotions

The other day as a client was experiencing a sudden burst of tears, he uttered the words “what do I do to make it stop”. It was such a poignant moment because this is typically how we live. Trying to avoid deep emotional pain. The thought is …if I feel this, If I allow this, …

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Feeling Blah?

Feeling blah?   Next time you’re not feeling so great or you feel as if you’re going to explode from stress. Try mind dumping.   Get some paper and start writing. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling or even making sense. Just start writing. Whatever comes up, comes out. Like puking.   You can use any …

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