Soul Escape

How the Idea of Soul Escape was Born

Back in 1993, I had started to question my existence and purpose for being here. My idea of how my life was supposed to be wasn’t quite going as planned. Based on my upbringing I would marry, have children, and find a job that I could stay with until it was time to retire.

I got married even though a part of me knew it wasn’t right. (how many of us do this?) Then I tried to get pregnant and this is when I started to change. As I went month after month without becoming pregnant I had to look at my desire, my reasons, and my relationship. I started to question this existence for myself, my purpose. If I was not to become a Mom then what was I suppose to do?

Long story short, a divorce ensued. I was about to get a “do-over.”

This is where Soul Escape starts.

Since I didn’t have any other model of how life could be I started to read. The first book was Life 101. This one book got me to start looking at things in a different way. My whole world started to open up. Through my own experience of self-discovery, I wondered if other people felt the same as I did. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bookstore and healing center devoted to self-discovery? As I imagined my store I knew I needed a name. One night after a dream I awoke with SOUL ESCAPE. It was perfect! So with the intention of this amazing store, I felt that it would be in my best interest to study alternative healing. That led me to seek out holistic schools and eventually get my education and credential as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).

So, from a bookstore to my own practice, Soul Escape evolved with me and my own journey — all the while feeling that the name was a perfect and meaningful expression of my dream and ideas. SOUL ESCAPE is the essence of what I’ve always intended: to help people connect with that part of themselves that is their true self and live healthier, balanced more joyful lives. Soul Escape provides alternative counseling and holistic health solutions in San Diego California.