Are We So Connected that We’re Disconnected?

Are We So Connected that We’re Disconnected?

Continuous Partial AttentionThe technology of today was supposed to give people more time and yet no one has any time. Instead we are doing more things at once. Dads are on the phone making deals at Disneyland. Lunch with a girlfriend is interrupted by the phone that won’t stop ringing.

Continuous Partial Attention is the phrase coined by Linda Stone, a  former Microsoft and Apple executive, to describe this condition —  and isn’t that true!

We don’t give full attention to anything. People are on the move to the next thing.  At home a hundred things are asked of you and each one doesn’t get your full attention

My stepdaughter is 13 she can be on her phone and the computer while watching TV and listening to music and also has time to yell for a glass of water or something to eat. Is this our future?

Continuous partial attention will be the norm. If you can’t do 10 things at the same time you won’t have the job. I can only imagine what this will do to our bodies. The stress alone, not to mention the unknowns of all the electromagnetic fields.

Vacations aren’t even vacations anymore people take all their gear with them.

While on my honeymoon in Bora Bora last year, there were other couples spending hours trying to check email on a dial up French-language computer.  Can you not even have a honeymoon? What are people afraid their going to miss?

Have jobs become so scarce that you can’t take a week off with out fear of losing it?

Is it not enjoyable to be still anymore? Have we moved into a time where even instant gratification isn’t good enough or fast enough?

Are we so connected that we’re disconnected?