Can you help yourself?

I am one of those people who likes to do things myself. I am usually thinking….. “why pay someone to do something when I can do it myself”

Whether it’s painting the house, cleaning, or repairing something. I feel capable, so why not?

The thing is, I also feel this way about my emotional and mental health. I figure since I am so smart and helpful to other people I surely can help myself.

What I have learned is.. When your ‘in it’ it is really hard to see things objectively. We have a set of core beliefs that drive our thoughts and ultimately our behaviors. We often feel powerless to stop the things that drive us crazy. We can’t get out of our own way and we end up saying “I know I have a problem but I don’t know how to fix it”. This process can end up making us feel like failures. Leading us to believe that there is something wrong with us. We should be perfect….. Right?

It’s very easy to get caught up in this cycle and it will manifest in unhealthy behaviors. The constant negative chatter in your mind will drive you to do things to try and make it stop. Then your problem now becomes bigger.

So, what can you do?

Well, obviously you can seek help. Getting a new perspective and understanding of why you do what you do. Finding out what is driving your behaviors and changing or healing them.

But, If your like me and want to do it yourself, then your going to have to make some radical changes in your life and pay attention to what your feeling. It’s not easy. It takes looking at your self as honestly as you can. It takes asking others for feedback and really listening. It takes reading, learning and lots of experiential exercises. It takes work.

Does that sound too hard?

Well, sometimes it is. There are times when even do it yourselfers like me need help.

I love using my own experience to help others. I know change is not easy but it can be fun, exciting and interesting. (yes, I said fun!) I am always honored when someone chooses to go on their journey with me. It may be just be for a kick start or for the long haul, either way you will learn that behind all the ‘problems’ is a beautiful soul trying to escape. Wanting to ‘be’ all that it knows it can.

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed? Are you tired of feeling alone in your quest for peace and well being? Are you blaming all your outside problems for your inside problems? Are you thinking “if only”? I understand and I can help. Call me today, start change tomorrow. 858.382.4576