From Messing Up to Making Out

Relationship help for Men. (yes, women too!)

  • Did you mess up?
  • Is it being suggested that you get some counseling?
  • Are you contemplating leaving your relationship?
  • Does the idea of “therapy” feel like failure?
  • Are you wondering if life can be better?
  • Are you feeling confused?

Whether you’re young, old, single or married… There are times when your relationship (or lack of) don’t seem to be working. Maybe you have tried everything you know of to ‘make her happy’ and still something isn’t right.

Let me help you…..

  • Discover what the ‘real’ issue is.
  • Bring clarity to your confusion.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively.
  • Release old baggage that may be in the way

“Lori has helped me to understand not only how to develop better relationship skills, but also why I want one in the first place. Her unique counseling style made our sessions so comfortable, I never felt judged or criticized and I always learned something more about myself. The issues Lori has helped me with and the help she gave me was so practical that it was effective immediately and continues to be effective months later. Lori’s help is like that extra spice you put in a good sauce to give it just enough flavor to make it great.”

Tripp Page, Montgomery, Texas


I know for some men, the thought of  ‘getting help’ doesn’t sound like a fun time. It is often a last resort or an ultimatum that brings them to me. There are also those that know it’s time to clear up some anger issues or they realize that something they are doing is sabotaging relationships. Whatever the case is for you, I can help.

Because I am not a classically trained therapist, I bring you a different kind of help. holistic, alternative and energy based coaching and healing. Making your time with me interesting and truly helpful.


 “Before coming to see Lori, I had this feeling of empty uncertainty and not really knowing what I truly wanted in a relationship, Although I felt loved by my girlfriend I wasn’t feeling the connection, and I found myself getting angry and upset often.

I wanted to change my direction in life, obtain more clarity and improve my current relationship and well being.

After several sessions with Lori I had a major breakthrough of the direction that I needed to go in order to be content and happy in my life.

Lori has taught me many tools to use to help me achieve understanding in certain issues. I know I have the rest of my life to practice these new tools, and I look forward to seeing many more changes in my life and relationships. I know I’m not completely free of my own issues and from time to time I find myself slipping back, then I catch myself because I’m just more aware of them.

I would recommend Lori to anyone that is looking to change their outlook on life and free themselves of some old baggage, and improve their relationships.”

Scott Fuller


Do you have a fear of Commitment or Intimacy?

Once you understand what you do and why, you can start to heal and make the changes necessary for your desired relationship to come to fruition.

Sometimes it doesn’t take long, just a willingness to want to change can move you quickly to your dream relationship.


‘When I came for my first visit I had no idea what to expect. I was on the brink of divorce, after 11 years of a turbulent marriage. Tapping was going to solve a life’s worth of issues?! When my first session was over, I had released a trauma that had plagued and affected me my entire life, and I knew I would never be the same, thank God!

All I wanted to do was gain a new outlook on life, but after only four sessions I released so many bottled up negative emotions that everything about my life changed, for the better. Anger, rage, negativity, hostility, all dealt with through this amazing therapy!

My wife and I are more in love than the day we married, and there is a genuine closeness that has come because of her feeling “safe” again in our relationship. Everyone around me notices the changes. Co-workers notice I’m not so “uptight”, and much more approachable. Friends say they see a peace and tranquility that they knew had eluded me for years. A few people have mentioned to me that they notice now that when I speak to them I “look them in the eye”, something I never did before.

 My 8 year old son, who has sadly had to undergo listening to years of fighting and arguing between his mom and dad, has regained his feeling of “safety and security” which is vital to child’s ego development, and our relationship is better than it ever was. My wife, who was at first skeptical when I told her about EFT, told me the other day, “I’m really glad you found Lori!” I couldn’t agree more!”

~ Mitch Rubin


Now is the time to become the person you know you are.

Now is the time to have the healthy relationship you know is possible.

Now is the time to allow yourself to love and be loved.

“I wanted to thank you so much for what you have done for us so far. For
quite some time before meeting you, I was very hesitant to seek counseling
of any sort as us guys can sometimes be towards seeking help for anything.
🙂 However from the moment my first session started, it was immediately
comforting and a setting that allows you to be open and honest, yet
challenging you to really understand what it is you came for and how to
learn and grow from it.  We are by no means perfect, but just a few sessions
with you has changed my life and the relationship with my wife for the
better. I cant tell you how much your advice means to me and us.”
Thank you!!
Brian C.

Lori is great to talk through ideas with, and get both validation and new perspectives. I doubted that tapping was a significant therapy until I experienced some surprising emotions coming from experiences that happen in grade school! Very interesting and insightful.

Call today start change tomorrow!

Lori Barnett, HHP


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