Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah!

Did you know that I was a cheerleader? Yep, It started when I was just a wee tot. I cheered for my brother and his Jr All American football team “The Mustangs”

I remember the excitement of learning the cheers and practicing them (all the time and everywhere). The thrill of my first uniform and the nervousness of performing at the first game.

I knew I had found my calling. I loved everything about being a cheerleader and I set my sights on becoming a High school cheerleader and then the ultimate…….

A Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader. Yes, that was my dream.

I never did become a Cowboy’s cheerleader but I did embody my love of cheering, the essence, if you will, of what “being a cheerleader” means to me.

Today I’m still a cheerleader, I am YOUR cheerleader. Using my skills to inspire, excite and support you on your transformational journey.

It’s about your life. Coaching and cheering you on to participate fully. Going after your dreams, reminding you that you matter. That you have special talents and quality’s that make you an important part of life.

Some may say that my dream didn’t come true and that dreams don’t come true. I beg to differ. My dream did come true it just took on a different shape.

Take a moment to reflect on your childhood dreams……

Do you see a connection to your life today?

Are your passions a part of your life?

Have you given up on dreams?

It’s never to late to change your life. If your ready, I am here to cheer you on, as well as provide Coaching, Counseling and Healing, so that you can become who you really are and start living YOUR Dreams!

Call me today, start change tomorrow.


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