I dont usually read my teenage step-daughter’s homework but the other day I came across this.

Her assignment was to write a poem about WWI and what spilled out of her was this. I was so moved I just had to share it with you all.


The grey clouds overhead like
1,000 spirits over their fragile bodies
Sounds of sorrow surround the grimy dirt trenches
The reek of dead bodies and mud
Fill my nostrils, I feel suffocated
I bow my head to think

I see a red track underneath my bare feet
Im struggling to arrive to the “field hospital”
They call it that, but its really just a tent
My white hat symbolizes hope
In the eyes of our men, wasted skeletons
I carry a first aid kit on my frail, pathetic back
Awaiting my next patient

Sitting on a jagged rock I put my stethoscope around my neck
A young, one-armed man staggers toward me
His back is arched, his uniform is disheveled
His eyes seem be already lifeless
As he lies on his side, I confidently tell him,
“Everything will be over soon,” while dabbing his wounds with a soiled rag
I ask him to tell me what hurts the most
No answer

His heart is coming to a halt
His mind is becoming peaceful
I pray for a day of this stillness, with no war or conflict
Though there seems to be no end in sight
Like a tunnel with no light,
Someday there will be

–Rachael Barnett

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