When Tapping Doesn’t Work.

I have been sharing how a whole new layer of emotions and understandings have been surfacing for me. There are some that would ask why I don’t tap on them.IMG_0408

Here is my response. When I feel these raw physical sensations  and they are strong, my body needs to move. I need to physically let the energy go.

Tapping is too subtle for this situation. ( I’d give myself a headache or bruises.) 🙂

Once the energy is expressed, I can then tap as I go into self soothing and reframing.

As much as I love tapping and how it helps, there are some situations that call for something different. (in my opinion)

Since I come from a holistic education where we used many different forms of healing modalities I don’t always use the same technique.

So, If you are finding that a technique is not helping you, know that there are many other ways to get to your desired outcome.

And another thing, our experiences are unique to us on so many levels and the process of remembering who we really are can take our whole lifetime. Be easy with yourself and get some support and help when needed. That is my biggest lesson so far. Ask for help when you need it.

You are not alone.

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