September 19, 2014

Feeling Stuck?


“I dont know what I need?”

Do you need a coach? Do you need a counselor? Do you need a healer? Sometimes its difficult to figure out the best course of action to take for your particular state of mind. Typically, one would go to a coach to get specific “help”. To … [Read More...]

Soul Escape Healing News


“Is this all there is?”

There comes a time in many peoples lives where they question their existence, their purpose. It's a time when the things that mattered once no longer seem to hold much joy or fulfillment. There comes a time in many peoples lives where they … [Read More...]


Your Emotions

The other day as a client was experiencing a sudden burst of tears, he uttered the words "what do I do to make it stop". It was such a poignant moment because this is typically how we live. Trying to avoid deep emotional pain. The thought is … [Read More...]


Feeling Blah?

Feeling blah?   Next time you're not feeling so great or you feel as if you're going to explode from stress. Try mind dumping.   Get some paper and start writing. Don't worry about grammar, spelling or even making sense. Just start … [Read More...]


Your Invisibility Cloak

You may or may not have read the popular Harry Potter books, If you have then you know about the invisibility cloak that Harry wore to sneak around the castle undetected. I know being invisible is a one of those super-power traits that some might … [Read More...]


Are You a Worrier?

I am no stranger to worrying. It has been one of those things that I thought was a virtue. You know, because I worry means I care. I also know I learned how to worry from watching and listening to those around me.   At some point in my life, … [Read More...]

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