July 22, 2014

Feeling Stuck?


“I dont know what I need?”

Do you need a coach? Do you need a counselor? Do you need a healer? Sometimes its difficult to figure out the best course of action to take for your particular state of mind. Typically, one would go to a coach to get specific “help”. To … [Read More...]

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Happiness is an Inside Job.

There is nothing like an internal feeling of joy. We often think that outside events and circumstances are what causes it. However, if you pay attention you will notice that the feeling is being generated by you and is always available.   You … [Read More...]


A New Idea to Meditate.

Meditation doesn't have to be done sitting still. In fact, I find by moving my body I can have a better experience of stillness.   Next time you're wanting to meditate try allowing your body to move if it wants to. Bring your awareness into … [Read More...]


What Stops You?

I keep saying that I just discovered I like to do art. But I don't think that's a true statement. I believe I have always like to be creative and "make art" I just had a belief and judgment about it.   I thought to do art you had to have a … [Read More...]


What My New Toothbrush Taught Me.

“Two Minutes!?  I had heard it countless times before from the dental hygienist.  But now that was the instructions and program on my new Sonicare toothbrush.  That’s a long time to brush your teeth and certainly more time than I normally spend. But … [Read More...]


Does Your Personal Trainer Do the Work for You?

I walked by the trainer as he over saw some kids doing fitness drills. The girl in front of me was holding a ball and stepping up and down off of a low table. Over to the right was another girl pulling a big heavy rope and another doing push ups. … [Read More...]

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