October 20, 2018

About Soul Escape Healing

How the Idea of Soul Escape was Born

Back in 1993 I had started to question my existence and purpose for being here.

My idea of how my life was supposed to be wasn’t quite going as planned.

Based on my upbringing I would marry, have children, and find a job that I could stay with until it was time to retire.

I got married even though a part of me knew it wasn’t right. (how many of us do this?) Then I tried to get pregnant and this is when I started to change. As I went month after month without becoming pregnant I had to look at my desire, my reasons and my relationship.

I started to question this existence for myself, my purpose. If I was not to become a Mom then what was I suppose to do?

Long story short, a divorce ensued. I was about to get a “do over.”

This is where Soul Escape starts.

Since I didn’t have any other model of how life could be I started to read. The first book was Life 101. This one book got me to start looking at things in a different way. My whole world started to open up.

Through my own experience of self discovery I wondered if other people felt the same as I did. Wouldn’t it be great to have a book store and healing center devoted to self discovery.

As I imagined my store I knew I needed a name. One night after a dream I awoke with SOUL ESCAPE. It was perfect!

So with the intention of this amazing store I felt that it would be in my best interest to study alternative healing. That led me to seek out holistic schools and eventually get my education and credential as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).

So, from a book store, to my own practice, Soul Escape evolved with me and my own journey — all the while feeling that the name was a perfect and meaningful expression of my dream and ideas.

SOUL ESCAPE is the essence of what I’ve always intended: to help people connect with that part of themselves that is their true self and live healthier, balanced more joyful lives.

Soul Escape provides alternative counseling and holistic health solutions in San Diego California.

About Me and Soul Escape Healing

Lori Barnett, HHP Lori graduated from Body Mind College with a focus on Holistic Healing and Emotional Release Techniques. She is an officially certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (EFT Cert-II). and a certified FASTER EFT practitioner .

Her on going study and personal development has led her into Spiritually based coaching. Supporting and guiding you on your journey.

Lori has been coaching, counseling and healing  Men, Women, Children and Families since 2006.  Her desire to help people , become who they really are, is what motivates her. She believes, “Happy People make a Happy World!”

Building on her life and work experience Lori brings you the best solutions for your issues.

On a personal note, Lori is an animal lover, Artist, avid reader and loves the simple pleasures of life.


Stay Curious!




Maybe cats have nine lives because they are curious.

Stay curious about life and yourself.

The Real Secret!

I heard someone say “self love was not for wimps” It is so true. be kind to yourself
You may be thinking self love is easy. You may be thinking why would you
 even need to put effort into something so natural. Or maybe you think self love is selfish and arrogant.


The truth is, Self Love is the foundation of everything you desire.


This means, Loving everything about yourself. Yes I said everything!


It is time to face your internal bully. Call them out and have a chat. You see the things you judge about yourself hold the keys to your transformation.


Each judgement has its reason to exist and until you acknowledge that part of you it will continue to poke and nudge you.


You can not shut this up with anything but self love and acknowledgment.


Freedom awaits you through loving yourself.


Need help?
Call today, start change tomorrow.

858-382-4576    1/2 off Phone and Skype sessions Now.


Help Now!

I am the type of person that doesn’t like to make appointments ahead of time. I like to wait until I need whatever it is that I need and then make the appointment.  For instance, as soon as my
bannerimage-signhair is driving me crazy I want to get a haircut….that day. Not next week or in a few days. If my neck is hurting I want to get into the chiropractor …immediately.  You get the idea.


When someone is emotionally in pain they usually want help sooner rather than later. So I am expanding my scheduling time to attempt to give you the help you need in a same day service kind of way.  You contact me  and I will do my best to serve you with in 24 hours. (sorry I don’t mean middle of the night I can’t sleep kind of help)


For those of you that don’t need triage but like regular scheduled tune ups I am doing that too and we can plan ahead.:)


The best part is I am offering this at half price. I have realized that working from home gives me more flexibility and reduces my cost. This means I can offer you more session times and reduced fee’s. Isn’t that great!


I have been doing some of my own “soul work” and to be congruent with who I am and how I feel about this type of work it was imperative that I make these changes.


I hope this helps you make a decision about healing the areas in your life that need attention.


p.s. In office sessions are available at the original rate of $125.

SNAP your way out of a pattern.

SNAP© is a simple process to help you Snap out of a pattern that is not in alignment of what you really want..

Details and book coming soon.

Is this word keeping you from having fun?

A lot of us say we can’t do things. Especially when it comes to some creative endeavor. I can’t sing, I can’t write, I can’t draw, “I can’t dance” etc. IMG_1793

The truth is, You can!

You may not sing well enough for a spot on the voice, but you can sing. And you should, if you want to.

You may not write like a published author, but you can write. And you should, if you want to.

The key here is, if you want to!

So many of us hold on to the “I can’t” because there is a judgment or a belief about our performance.

I am suggesting you give yourself  permission to do the thing because it pleases…. YOU.

You sing in the car, because it feels good and pleases you.

You write stuff, because it feels good and pleases you.

For no other reason than it pleases you.

Do you see what I am getting at here?

If you don’t want to do something then don’t. But don’t say you can’t, because you can, if you want to.

Give yourself permission to express yourself however it is fun and feels good to you. Notice if the judgmental and critical parts of you show up try to steal your fun.

If they do, tell them to be quiet.

Channel your inner child, let them play without judgmental chatter.

If this sounds difficult for you and need a little help..

Call today, start change tomorrow.

Lori Barnett




Stop Trying!

How long have you been trying? IMG_1162
Trying to lose weight.
Trying to find love.
Trying to make money
Trying to ‘be better’
 I would not be surprised to hear “Lori I have been trying forever and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get it, find it, or get rid of it.
It is a very common complaint and this is my suggestion for you.
 Stop trying and start loving.
For example. if you have been trying to lose weight See if you can notice the part of you that has been trying. The part of you that feels she or he is not good enough unless she or he loses the weight. By moving into loving yourself and those parts that don’t feel good enough you will naturally and effortlessly start to lose weight.
Would you like to learn more about loving yourself and how it can change your life? Join me in an upcoming class, where you will learn and experience how to start cultivating your own approval and self love. Click the link below to find out more.

Are You Lacking Confidence?

Take moments everyday to say “I love you” to yourself. Say it often and see if you can feel the peace and acceptance of your words.email05


You may find that it feels flat, untrue, even foreign to you. If this is the case, keep at it. Practice being patient and kind with yourself. It is time to build trust with the part of you that doesn’t feel confidant.


Need help?
Call today, Start change tomorrow.
Lori Barnett, HHP

“Is this all there is?”

Question?There comes a time in many peoples lives where they question their existence, their purpose. It’s a time when the things that mattered once no longer seem to hold much joy or fulfillment.

There comes a time in many peoples lives where they question their existence, their purpose. It’s a time when the things that mattered once no longer seem to hold much joy or fulfillment.

It is at this time that the calling of your soul is being heard. It is an invitation to look within.Your first instinct may be to want to move away from what is. You may want to leave a relationship, leave a job, move to another city or state. This is not necessarilyquestion mark the thing to do because what you seek is inside you.

Parts of you are calling for your attention, your acknowledgment, your love. These parts have been denied while you have been achieving what you thought mattered.

These parts are also things you judge about yourself as not ok and quite often get projected onto those around you.

If this is going on for you, here is my suggestion. Get quiet, relax, and notice if you can feel what the feeling is that you are craving or longing for.

~ Is it to be heard?
~ Is it to be felt?
~ Is it to connect?
~ Is it to be loved?

It always starts with you.

Have you been denying in yourself the longing that you seek?

I invite you to be with the suggestion and let me know what moves in you.

Need Help?
Call today, Start change tomorrow.
Lori Barnett,HHP

Have you been denying in yourself the longing that you seek?
I invite you to be with the suggestion and let me know what moves in you.

Need Help?

Call today, Start change tomorrow.
Lori Barnett,HHP