October 19, 2018

From the Mouths of Clients!

“I realized my own inner power”

Lori gave me the tools to start listening to my own emotions and what they were trying to say. She also helped me re-engage with my inner child, which helped me open up an entire wonderful world of self connection and self love. This alone has changed my life in so many beautiful ways I struggle to find words to describe it.

Helpful, insightful, intuitive, and patient are some of the words I would use in describing Lori though. She was able to match whatever energy I brought to our sessions and work with it and help me work towards realizing my own inner power.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase; “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.” – this is Lori’s philosophy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you Lori for being a part of my journey!

Eternal gratitude! <3
Cole G


“No more marijuana addiction”

After struggling with a marijuana addiction for 45 years, I have come to a place of not desiring it anymore after only 2 sessions with Lori!

I feel freer than I have in a long time!

~name withheld by request



 “I’ve been freed”

I feel much more confident.  I’m talking, acting, joking much more like I used to.  And I’ve noticed some issues that I’ve always had, have dropped away.  I can see why you call it soul escape healing.  It does feel like I’ve been freed of chains that were holding me inside.
~ Ed Courtney


“I hadn’t dated in 5 years”
I hadn’t dated in 5 years, I had a huge emotional block that was lonely and painful- I couldnt connect with people. One month after meeting with Lori Barnett and doing her two hour session, I’m in a relationship with a good friend of 4 years, Jeff. He was there the whole time, just waiting. I couldn’t see clearly until that day with Lori, things just make sense now, I’m calm and peaceful. Thank you Lori.
~ Jenn Ewig


“these buried hurts surprised me”
I started seeing Lori this year because I was grieving the loss of my mom and had experienced weight gain – assumed they were related. I came to Lori a little concerned because my Christian faith had been my pillar and I wanted someone who would help me to recover with my faith included in the process. Lori was very supportive of including my faith and encouraging. I was amazed at how easy it was to share with Lori and immediately started sharing things totally unrelated. The process and these buried hurts surprised me, things that I had not even realized I was hurting about. I was also preparing for a family trip with relatives that I had not been as close to in recent years. Lori helped me to prepare for that trip so that it was a beautiful healing experience for all of us. I would recommend Lori as a wonderful and loving therapist. Thanks again Lori for all your help and encouragement – it has made a tremendous difference in my life.
~ Chris M

“I no longer suffer from depression”

When I went to see Lori, I was desperate for help. I was miserable and didn’t know how to handle my recurring and depressive thoughts. Lori guided me beautifully and helped me heal all my wounds from my past. I had a lot of questions about my behavior and why I react to circumstances in a certain way. Lori answered my questions brilliantly and helped me understand the reasons for my behavior. Now I am more aware of my thoughts and know how to handle them before they proceed to destroy me.I am more calm, collected and do not suffer from depression. I have tried different therapies in the past and none of them worked.I am very happy I found Lori and EFT as it really helped me heal emotionally and helped me achieve freedom from my own negative recurring thoughts.Lori is an expert in what she does, tell your problems to her and she will guide you to the life you always wanted to live.

~Name witheld by request

“we worked through multiple issues” 

Lori was able to work with me on very short notice. She has helped me tremendously and she is taking the time work through multiple issues with me (PTSD, divorces and other areas of my life). I had been using EFT on my own but could only go so far, she has the expertise get to the core of things.Muchimas gracias, Lori!

~D Stout

“she showed me the way to true healing”

I first went to see Lori for help getting over a bad relationship break up. I was amazed at how she immediately showed me that my pain was coming from a much deeper place than I had thought. She didn’t waste any time with the he-said she-said retelling of my story, but instead went right to my heart and showed me the way to true healing.

It hasn’t always been easy, but with Lori’s guidance I have learned that it’s really not so scary at all to look at my own “stuff” and face it down so that it can be healed once and for all. Lori is loving and generous and gentle, and when you need your butt kicked a little, she can do that too!

I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to so many wonderful spiritual paths that I had no idea about before I met her. Also, EFT is a fantastic method for speeding up the process and releasing your limiting beliefs, and Lori is expert at getting to your deepest negative thoughts and showing you that they are just not true. You will love working with her! I know I have and I will continue to seek her guidance and teaching in the future.

~Janet Kosta

“she helped me through some rough times”

Lori is awesome! She helped me through some very rough times in my life. I was going through a divorce then I decided to leave my job in southern California and move to northern Idaho. With all these life changes, it really helped having someone to talk to and Lori sincerely cared. She even counseled me long-distance! Not knowing many people here in Idaho, I turned to Lori for support and guidance. We had weekly telephone sessions. Lori’s experience and practice with EFT really was a blessing in my life and has made a big difference! I will always be grateful and will turn to her whenever I feel I need a “refresher” course or an understanding shoulder to cry on! Love her! Her knowledge, expertise, insight and advice is some of the best I’ve ever received when compared to other mainstream counselers.


“I’m on my way” 

I am so happy and thankful to have found Lori. She has helped me to identify experiences that I held on to that hurt me and let them go. She has a wonderful and caring manner. She’s been able to pinpoint my emotional triggers and encouraged me to do the same. I have been applying what she taught and I’m happy to say confidently that I’m on my way to regaining balance and harmony in my life.


“I released fears I’ve had for over 60 years” 

My experience with Lori was far beyond any expectations . The purpose of my session was to release old repetitive patterns that were affecting my current life on all levels. Lori helped me release fears I had carried with me over 60 years enabling me to feel safe and providing me with a sense of well being. I felt like a ten thousand pound weight had been removed. Lori is compassionate, extremely intuitive and very gifted in her ability to help others move through the areas we get stuck in. I will eternally be grateful for her assistance and presence in my life, she is truly a gift to us all.. She is a deeply caring and dedicated professional and I am looking forward to her helping my son as well. I know she will continue to change lives..


“I cleared out resentments, anger and hurts”

 I have used EFT on my own for a number of years, and have worked with a few practitioners over the phone, but never had the amazing results that Lori has helped me to experience in our face to face consultations. I find it difficult to get in touch with my emotions, but Lori seems able to draw out the answers, and her strong intuition never ceases to amaze me. Lori has helped me to identify and clear out core issues, old resentments, anger and hurt, leaving me feeling much lighter, more positive, and happier. We have worked on a number of chronic issues, one being my 20-year struggle with weight. For the first time in my life I can breeze through the grocery store without the slightest desire to drop those breads, pastries and other sweets into my shopping cart. Totally amazing!! Lori really cares about people and is deeply interested in people, which is probably why she produces such good results.


“You are friggin AMAZING! The whole world needs to know about you and EFT!!!!”

~Mitch R

Lori is an angel. She helps you to experience life and love in a way that makes one realize how wonderful the life God has given us can and should be. Thank you Lori for being an Angel with such a giving heart.

~Dennis R

“Lori Barnett is the BEST!! She has helped me to see everything so differently that I have been able to reclaim my power and see the possibilities for myself. And it doesn’t hurt a bit!! Thank you so much Lori!”

~Janet K

“I don’t compare myself to others anymore”

I initially went to see Lori because my drinking had become out of control. I was drinking almost everyday and sometimes in private. I was a new mom, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, tired, and lazy. I was comparing myself to other moms in the playgroup and I felt that I was a ‘bad’ mom compared to them. I also felt trapped. So, I was drinking to escape all of these feelings. After I began seeing Lori, my behavior and outlook on life changed. My drinking is no longer an issue. I feel deeply connected to my child and love being a mom. I don’t compare myself to others anymore. I am motivated and enjoy life. I also started exploring other stuff in my life. Since I was 3 years old, I’ve had bladder problems (UTIs). When I was in my 20s and 30s, I often had bladder pain and went to the Doctor. However, the Dr could not find any UTIs, so nothing was done. After seeing Lori, my bladder pain has gone away, along with the anxiety of having bladder problems. FYI…I had previously seen traditional therapists, but didn’t get the help I needed.

name witheld

“the technique is a valid tool”

I can not say that I am miraculously transformed by EFT. I can say that the technique is a valid tool for people who find themselves overwhelmed by life’s challenges…ESPECIALLY when they are guided by a genuine and caring individual. Attributes that are exactly, what Lori IS.

Lori is one of my Angels, and I will never forget the warmth and kindness that she extended to me.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Lori!

–Mark A.

“I found freedom from my compulsive overeating”
In the several sessions I had with Lori, I found tremendous freedom and healing from my compulsive overeating. She was definitely in tune with my needs and helped me greatly in such a short amount of time. Learning EFT was just a tiny part of the victory i was seeking. My cravings have subsided considerably and are hopefully forever at bay (time will tell). I am so grateful for my time with Lori and consider it worth every bit of my time and money. Lori is definitely a great resource that I would use again and again as needed.

Lori Is a talented facilitator and highly skilled in EFT. She is supportive, fun and very intuitive and I could only aspire to be as talented in this technique as she is.

Linda Kennedy, BS personal fitness trainer, sports nutrition coach

“Every visit is enlightning”

I want everyone to know that is reading this testimonial that Lori is by far the best “therapist” that I have consulted with. I went to her to experience EFT and feel so fortunate to have found so much more. Lori is intuitive, compassionate, a great listener and just simply “gets it”. Every visit is enlightening and I not only learn about myself in ways that are extremely helpful but walk away feeling tremendous relief, inspiration and hope.

–Patty Cohen

“I tapped out my demons”

I had been working with a therapist (PhD, no less) for a number of years and was getting nowhere – but didn’t know it! Then a singular event put me in a tail-spin and, despite being a M-A-N and thinking I could do everything on my own, I turned to Lori.

Unlike the therapy I had been used to, with Lori and EFT I had instantaneous results – giving me the help I needed at a time when I didn’t think anything would work. Since putting my complete trust in Lori and the EFT method, I’ve been able to “tap-out” many of my re-occurring dragons and keep them to a whimper. My life has taken a new direction and I’m thankful that I had the courage to trust.

Thanks Lori – I really appreciate your insight, patience, love and caring concern.

— David, San Diego, Ca

“I developed better relationship skills”

Lori has helped me to understand not only how to develop better relationship skills, but also why I want one in the first place. Her unique counseling style made our sessions so comfortable, I never felt judged or criticized and I always learned something more about myself. The issues Lori has helped me with were so practical they were effective immediately and continue to be effective months later. Lori’s help is like that extra spice you put in a good sauce to give it just enough flavor to make it great.

–Tripp Page, Montgomery, Texas

“I had a major breakthrough” 

Before coming to see Lori, I had this feeling of empty uncertainty and not really knowing what I truly wanted in a relationship, Although I felt loved by my girlfriend I wasn’t feeling the connection, and I found myself getting angry and upset often.

I wanted to change my direction in life, obtain more clarity and improve my current relationship and well being.

After several sessions with Lori I had a major breakthrough of the direction that I needed to go in order to be content and happy in my life.

Lori has taught me many tools to use to help me achieve understanding in certain issues. I know I have the rest of my life to practice these new tools, and I look forward to seeing many more changes in my life and relationships. I know I’m not completely free of my own issues and from time to time I find myself slipping back, then I catch myself because I’m just more aware of them.

I would recommend Lori to anyone that is looking to change their outlook on life and free themselves of some old baggage, and improve their relationships.

–Scott Fuller
An ever changing person!

“She helped me overcome several issues” 

I have been to several therapists over the years and no one has been able to help me in the way that Lori has! She truly cares about her client’s well being and takes that special extra step to ensure that you truly feel your best when leaving her office. I feel she is absolutely incredible and amazing as I came to her with several issues and she was able to help me overcome them!

Her knowledge and expertise with EFT has literally saved me! I have recommended Lori to several friends and will continue to share with others who want to truly overcome their emotional obstacles to complete and happy freedom! Thanks so much Lori as you’re truly the best!!! Darlene

With Lori’s help I could see more clearly what I’ve been missing to build up more trust in myself. Also EFT techniques opened more and more ways to achieve where I wanted to be in my life.

–Omid S

“so much has happened in a such a short time”

Thank you Lori. I am changing and growing daily. So much has happened is such a short time. It’s interesting to stand back and take a third person perspective and go hmmm. You’ve given me tools that have helped me in this challenge. Just thought you should know.


“she uncovered my major emotional block”

 I had been aware of EFT for a couple of years through the Dr. Mercola website. When I suddenly began having health problems, I made immediate improvements in my diet and exercise, but I knew I had to address the emotional, too, since I was not interested in starting on the medications the physicians prescribed for me. Finally, I searched for a local EFT practitioner and chose Lori after talking to her by phone.
At the beginning of my first session with her, I could not tell Lori what was “bugging” me other than my physical symptoms, since I simply didn’t know. She got us started, and within 5 minutes, she had uncovered my major emotional block. I was astounded, and also relieved to be able to confront it after all these years.

Lori is very caring, and she is very good at sensing which direction to follow in order to uncover buried and festering issues.

I started attending her weekly support group since my sudden health issues pointed out the need and prudence for some ongoing maintenance and repair as I traveled through life. The other members are very supportive and can easily relate to whatever I was going through, since they have “been there, done that” themselves in one way, shape or form. Each week, a different subject is addressed and I find the meetings to be informative and healing.

Thank God that Lori enjoys sharing her talents with us, as she is an effective and oh-so-needed healer.


“I released a trauma that had plagued me my entire life” 

When I came for my first visit I had no idea what to expect. I was on the brink of divorce, after 11 years of a turbulent marriage. Tapping was going to solve a life’s worth of issues?! When my first session was over, I had released a trauma that had plagued and affected me my entire life, and I knew I would never be the same, thank God! All I wanted to do was gain a new outlook on life, but after only four sessions I released so many bottled up negative emotions that everything about my life changed, for the better.

Anger, rage, negativity,hostility, all dealt with through this amazing therapy! My wife and I are more in love than the day we married, and there is a genuine closeness that has come because of her feeling “safe” again in our relationship. Everyone around me notices the changes. Co-workers notice I’m not so “uptight”, and much more approachable. Friends say they see a peace and tranquility that they knew had eluded me for years. A few people have mentioned to me that they notice now that when I speak to them I “look them in the eye”, something I never did before.

My 8 year old son, who has sadly had to undergo listening to years of fighting and arguing between his mom and dad, has regained his feeling of “safety and security” which is vital to child’s ego development, and our relationship is better than it ever was. My wife, who was at first skeptical when I told her about EFT, told me the other day, “I’m really glad you found Lori!” I couldn’t agree more!


I am so happy and thankful to have found Lori. She has helped me to identify experiences that I held on to that hurt me and let them go. She has a wonderful and caring manner. She’s been able to pinpoint my emotional triggers and encouraged me to do the same. I have been applying what she taught and I’m happy to say confidently that I’m on my way to regaining balance and harmony in my life.


I’ve worked with Lori and always marveled at her talent and ease with people. Just recently I was lucky enough to have her efforts turn towards me & she has succeeded in changing my way of life. She has given me the tools and the counseling I needed to be able to gain control of my stress and she has helped to rid me of what I once thought was an incurable habit!

She has been an ever patient and encouraging teacher to me!

— Sincerely, Meghan T.

“My eating has normalized so much”

I haven’t had the ‘chocolate obsession’ come back. It’s great to enjoy a treat once in a while, rather than feel controlled by the craving! My eating has normalized so much, compared to before I came to see you, and I am enjoying it immensely. It’s just like with chocolate, I am not controlled by the food – finally!

I also have gone off the Lexapro, which I think contributed to the extra strong hunger drives, somewhat, too. I’ve only lost a few pounds but, hey, I didn’t GAIN them! J Oh and, best of all – that hiatal hernia problem hasn’t come back, either! I am so thrilled about that, I can’t describe it! The calm in my digestive system is a wonderful gift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – for everything, Lori!

Many hugs,


So far I have not had any candy and I have not really wanted it. The after lunch, the sweet attack has pretty much disappeared.

I still have those treat here at home and made it through the weekend without going near them, I even thought about them, but I just did not want them.

I am feeling good about this tapping that i used it a few other times, to help me weak up on the weekend and stop sleeping in, to get up and clean the house.

— Ruth

 “I find it so strange how easy it has been to lose weight”

Thank you so much for all your help. I find it so strange how easy it has been to lose weight since working with you. Even people at work who don’t know me are commenting on my weight loss. You definitely unlocked/released something for me.

— Leah