An Itsy Bitsy Revelation

I am not a fan of spiders. In fact I don’t like their webs either. It is always a quick and predictive response for

me when I come across them. A shiver and an “Eeeww” along with an affirmation of “I hate spiders!”

Today, however, I had a moment. My husband pointed the web out to me. To which I replied “I don’t care” along with some dismissive snort. But somehow I was left there standing next to it. I decided to take a closer look. It was big! There wasn’t a spider present but I knew it was close so I kept my distance. Who knows it could have been one of those jumping, flesh eating spiders that I am afraid of.

Anyway, I stood there and really looked at the spider web. I marveled at the precision of it. The wind was blowing and I saw how strong it was. The design carefully manufactured by the little creature. My mind started to wonder about the spider. “How long did it take it to make?” “I wonder if it caught some food?” “If it got ripped down would the spider be upset?”

I know that last one was a bit much but the point is my perspective changed for a while about spiders and webs. I took an opportunity to appreciate something and in doing so changed my perspective and state about it.

So, do I love spiders now? I don’t know. I do know that I feel a little differently. Less repulsed and not so scared. It’s weird how that works.

So here are a couple things to try.

Face something you normally resist.

Look at something from another perspective.

This can work with all kinds of things. Give it a try and tell me how it goes. Of course, if it is a real problem you can always…..

Call me today, start change tomorrow!