Beliefs Can Keep You in Suffering.

Have you heard the saying “If you don’t stand for something, You’ll fall for anything” email2


It seems to be an instruction that you must have clear and unwavering beliefs about things or you might just be taken advantage of or led astray by people that want to harm or mislead you.


It feels safe to have belief system.


The only potential problem with it, is that it may not be your belief system at all but in fact somebody else’s.


Have you ever had a belief about something and then changed your mind based on a new and personal experience?


This is what it’s all about. Finding your own way, based on your own experiences.


Sometimes, a belief can hold you back. For instance, a belief that the world is not safe, can keep you from traveling or having new experiences. Your belief in this will be enhanced as you will unconsciously look for ways to validate it. Therefore keeping you stuck.


However, if you were to look at this belief and address it’s origins, have a new experience, you would then have a new belief.


Neither belief is wrong or right, just different perceptions based on what you hold inside.


So, the question for you is. What beliefs do you have that might be causing you needless suffering or holding you back? A good place to start would be to look at who and what you judge.


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