Coping vs. Healing

The Path to Personal PeaceWe all learn to cope. We spend pretty much our entire lives coping. Some don’t even notice this is what there doing and some find themselves deeply addicted to something.

It can seem harmless or it can be very harmful. One thing is the same — however you’re coping, it is just a cover up for something(s) that needs to be healed.

You will often hear me say, “It’s not a problem unless it’s a problem for you.”

Meaning: it’s pretty unlikely that you will get some help until you can’t stand it anymore.

Oftentimes people are afraid that if they address their issue it will be too painful, that they won’t be able to handle it. So they continue to eat, drink, do drugs (legal and illegal) excessively work out, spend to much time on the computer, shopping, etc., just to keep that nagging feeling at bay.

Many people can spend their entire lives in this cycle and never imagine that it can be different. Then there are those that wonder why certain areas of their lives never workout and seek to change. Then there are those that hit a devastating low and are forced to do something.

For me, it is an exciting time when someone realizes that their lives can be so much more fulfilling than where they are.

When someone is ready to heal I believe the spirits rejoice. Healing is when the magic happens. When you start to become who you really are. The you without baggage and limiting beliefs. The you that has the power to create miracles in your life. The you that loves and can accept love. The you that is free and at peace.

So, coping vs. healing is your choice. As the old saying goes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

This past couple of years have been hard for many but from my perspective it gave people the opportunity to heal because they had no choice but to look at themselves and their lives. Some discovered who they really were and made great changes in their lives, fulfilling dreams and goals that they had forgotten about while they were busy coping.

My wish for you this year is to listen to that little voice, that feeling inside, that says “I want more, I am more” and do something about it.

If you’re ready for change there are many resources available as well as personal healing with me at

Make the most of your time here on earth, who knows when you’ll be back!