I Have to…

I Don't Have ToDoes this sound familiar?  It’s Sunday evening, you’ve just had a busy but fun weekend and now this is what you start to say:

“I have to go to work tomorrow … and I really have to start back on my diet and I have to go to the gym and the grocery store …”

andand …. and all these things you HAVE to do.

Many people feel overwhelmed and burdened by life. The daily tasks seem like to much and they feel they can and never will measure up or get everything done. Although this feeling can stem from a core belief that “life is hard,” it is possible to start seeing your life in a positive way now.

Try changing a couple words in your vocabulary and see what happens.

Do it now:  Think of the “Have to’s” in your life

Now… change them to “Get to’s”

By changing this one word you start to see your blessings. You take your power back and you feel more positive in your life. Try it!  Even if it feels untrue, keep doing it. You will start to see how blessed you are.

I can’t help but think of the show Oprah did about her school for girls in Africa. While so many of our children feel the dread of having to go to school, these girls feel blessed because they get to go to school.

We take so many things for granted. Let’s reconnect to the gifts we have and be grateful. It can start with one word!