Got Emotional Health?

Emotional HealthNowadays much time and attention given to the importance of our physical health — not only by the experts espousing and supporting various theories — but by ourselves trying to sort through and make sense of all of this information.

With many people suffering from Alzheimer’s we are also very aware of our mental health and taking care of our brain — so that it doesn’t happen to us!

In addition, many of us are also pondering our purpose in life and reason for being here and that ignites attention to our spiritual health.

But the one aspect that seems to get no attention is our EMOTIONAL HEALTH.

In my opinion, this aspect seems to be at the core of all other aspects of health. It in most cases is the true driver of an issue or issues — unresolved anger showing up as a skin disease for example.

For some though, these issues will not show up in the physical body but in the living of their life. A deep fear that paralyzes them into non action;  A resistance to the very thing that they desire; A feeling of unworthiness that never lets them shine their brightest light.

The more I work with people the more I come to realize not only how important but how critical emotional health is.

So why isn’t attention given to our emotional health? If I sum it up in a word it’s called vulnerability. Most of us are afraid of this feeling and yet, it is what we most desire. Deep meaningful relationships with those we love or want to love. Putting ourselves out in the world saying “ I am here and I matter.” But this is difficult when we navigate through life with our  protective walls firmly in place. These walls that were built by unresolved negative emotions and traumas.

So you see, giving attention to your emotional health, addressing your unresolved negative emotions and healing them You not only help your self emotionally but physically , mentally and spiritually. Because they all work together. It is from this place that you become who you really are and live the life you dream of.