The Truth

“The truth shall set you free.”

One World

What does that mean exactly? Who’s truth are we talking about?

I think the truth — the real truth — is the same for everybody.

At the core of who we really are ~ regardless of your perception ~ is where the real truth lives. It is the same for all humans. If you come to know that truth you will see that we are more alike than different.

We want love and fairness. We want food and shelter. We want to feel safe and have a sense of community. The truth will show you that. The truth feels comfortable and peaceful. I believe if your truth doesn’t hold kindness and compassion then maybe your not tapped into the real truth.

It’s not about right and wrong. Its not about my way or your way. It’s about all of us being fundamentally the same. It’s about all of us being on this planet together. Each one of us is special and has a purpose for being here. Everyone on this planet has the right to be here.

Since we are all free thinking humans all we can know is what we know. We can believe what we want but……… what if there is more?

Underneath race, gender, economic profiles etc. we are all human beings with vulnerabilities, fears, organs and blood. If you needed a kidney or bone marrow to live you would not care who it came from (and if you did…that’s another story). If you needed kindness and support in a time of need you would not care who gave it to you. Beautiful stories of friendship in the most unlikely circumstances have been formed because those people found the truth.

When I turn on the TV and I hear certain people preaching THEIR truth, and it’s laced with judgment, sarcasm, hypocrisy and fear I know they are not connected to the universal truth, the fundamental truth and the core truth.

Negativity, judgment, anger and fear are NOT the truth … but underneath and behind them IS the truth … LOVE. That indeed shall set you free.