If You Don’t Have Your Health….

I went to Oklahoma last week for some training in Faster EFT. I’m not sure if it was the plane, the hotel or the work that I was doing but I somehow caught a cold. As soon as I got home I spent 3 full days sleeping and blowing my nose.

I was so excited to come back and share what I had learned and instead I was down for the count. I experienced so many thoughts and emotions while being sick, the most important being, If you don’t feel well, life is not much fun.

My husband kept telling me to relax and just fall into it. Basically to enjoy the down time. I had trouble with that. So what I did do, is tap. I used my new skill to help with the feelings I was having over being sick. I did mental tapping on my feelings and everything they represented. I tapped on my symptoms and everything they represented and I felt better.

Since I am not one to catch colds or get sick I couldn’t help but wonder if this was some sort of self sabotage at work. You may think that is some crazy talk but you might be surprised to know how often “being sick” is the perfect excuse not to do something. EVEN if you say you want the thing you now cannot do.

Have you ever made the decision to start exercising and then injured yourself?

It happens all the time. And not just with exercise.

There can be an unconscious pay off to being sick, injured or believing a belief so if you are saying you want something and it is not happening. Or if you find yourself feeling like a victim to life. I encourage you to tap on it.