Never to Soon.

From infancy a baby will learn to sooth itself. Sucking their thumb or as I did, my two fingers and twirling my hair.  As we grow, these habits are frowned upon and we are told that it is not ok.

As children we are experiencing so many emotions that we don’t understand. We are not sure what to do with all of our thoughts and feelings and without a healthy way to express, along with no coping or soothing mechanism, children will often “develop” all sorts of “symptoms”.  Often times these “symptoms” are misdiagnosed and a child is quickly labeled and or medicated. This leads to more bad feelings about self  which can lead to even more distructive behaviors.

The good news is…It does’nt have to be that way for your child. With techniques like Faster EFT your child can learn a healthy way to not only sooth themselves but heal any unconsious thoughts that have already started to disrupt their lives and  sense of self.

I have worked with countless adults and their issues. You probably won’t be suprised to know that the healing is done with the childhood memories because this is where the problems start. We have the opportunity now to help children at a very young age, learn healthy ways to help themselves so that as they grow and mature they will be less likely to develop unhealthy coping habits like eating disorders, drinking, cutting, drugs and more.

Below is a video of an 8 yr old client of mine who has already embraced this coping tool. By starting young she will definitely benefit as she continues to grow.

If your child is experiencing signs of distress please consider trying something “new” and give them the gift of empowerment.


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