“Is this all there is?”

Question?There comes a time in many people’s lives when they question their existence and their purpose. It’s a time when the things that mattered once no longer seem to hold much joy or fulfillment.

It is at this time that the calling of your soul is being heard. It is an invitation to look within. Your first instinct may be to want to move away from what is. You may want to leave a relationship, leave a job, or move to another city or state. This is not necessarily the thing to do because what you seek is inside you.

Parts of you are calling for your attention, your acknowledgment, your love. These parts have been denied while you have been achieving what you thought mattered.

These parts are also things you judge about yourself as not ok and quite often get projected onto those around you.

If this is going on for you, here is my suggestion. Get quiet, relax, and notice if you can feel what the feeling is that you are craving or longing for.

~ Is it to be heard?
~ Is it to be felt?
~ Is it to connect?
~ Is it to be loved?

It always starts with you.

Have you been denying in yourself the fulfillment that you seek?

I invite you to be with the suggestion and let me know what moves in you.

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Lori Barnett, HHP