Your Emotions

The other day as a client was experiencing a sudden burst of tears, he uttered the words “what do I do to make it stop”.
It was such a poignant moment because this is typically how we live. Trying to avoid deep emotional pain.
The thought is …if I feel this, If I allow this, I may never stop. Like somehow we will fall into a deep abyss never to return to happiness again.
My experience shows me that this is very far from the truth.
Those repressed feelings need to be felt so that they can move out of you.
It’s the very act of repressing and denying these emotions that is causing the problems you are having.
The most important piece, is that the emotion needs to be felt with compassion NOT judgment; just the thought of wanting it to stop is making it (you) wrong or bad.
Every time you deny or repress how you feel, you are either creating a bigger problem or more problems. 
So I didn’t show him how to make it stop. (I could have) Instead, I encouraged him that what he was doing in that moment was how it would stop — by being with his emotions and not making them wrong or bad.
When the session was over, the light in his eyes was unmistakable, he said that he felt lighter and more balanced.
What I know is…. he was that much more connected to who he really is.
It’s beautiful.
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Lori Barnett