Round and Round

MB900320748Are you in the same place as you were last year,  struggling with the same worries and concerns?

Do  you  find that despite some happy times, and a couple of external changes, you notice that your internal loop is still the same?

Then its time to stretch; Its time to mix things up and its time to face the beliefs that you unconsciously hold on to for safety.

Unbeknownst to you, there is a system at work, by you and for you. It’s a place that feels comfortable and familiar. No matter what you do the patterns reemerge.

That new job has all the same problems as your old job. The new relationship is showing you the same problems as your old one. And what about the bonus money that didn’t bring you closer to being debt free? In fact your more in debt.

You could blame circumstances, that’s the easy thing to do. You could also argue with me and give me a lot of reasons why things have not changed. But if you get quiet long enough and are honest with yourself, you will hear the beliefs.

“I’m not good enough” “I’m not loveable” “I don’t deserve……” And each person will have their own set of ‘proofs’ to support the belief.

It isn’t until those proofs are addressed using  a healing process that you will start to be free of them.

You really can’t hide from yourself. Those unresolved issues will keep showing up until you make peace within.

This is a process and ever evolving. Each person will have a different journey and require different things at different times.

I find a combination of techniques and understandings helps the journey. Addressing what’s showing up for you to clear and heal. Then focus your attention to what you can love and appreciate.

Life shows you what you have been focusing on, so the more you feel happy, the more of what you desire shows up.

It takes daily conscious awareness to move from an undesired state to a desired state. Create a daily practice of self development, healing and growth. Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, get support and make peace with your past.

Call today, Start Change tomorrow.

Lori Barnett