How about this slap in the face.

I was reading a blog and came across this …securedownload

to avoid criticism

do nothing

say nothing

be nothing.

Wow! did it strike a chord in me.  I really don’t like being criticized. well, who does?

For me it goes a little deeper because I put criticism in the same space as “getting in trouble”.

I am afraid of getting in trouble. Therefore I am afraid to put myself out there.

I have, like everyone does, opinions and thoughts. Sometimes I share but for the most part I keep it to myself. Especially the things I think will be met with criticism.

The only caveat to this, is when I do share I am speaking from the heart, from my truth as I know it. And,I don’t care if I am criticized.

This is how I discern whether to speak or write something.

Here are a couple of ways I check in before deciding to share or not.

If I am wanting to be right and make another wrong or if I am wanting to attack and or write a passive aggressive statement. I hold off, because I know my shadow is present and I have some healing to do around the subject.

If what I have to say is loving and I am not the least bit afraid of a comment, then I will go ahead.

Another way to check in is through awareness.

Physically this feels peaceful in my body. There is no tension and I can breathe easily.

Mentally it feels free. There is no chatter or conflict around my thought.

Emotionally it feels in integrity with my soul, which is also a peaceful, loving feeling.

So, I ask you….

How do you deal with criticism and putting yourself out there?

Do you check in with yourself before you share your comments or thoughts?

I am curious to know how others feel. please comment if you feel like sharing.