Expertise is Assumed.

I have been questioning my role in this world as a Healer/Coach.  My initial motivation for such a profession did not come from some miraculous awakening.

I was not at deaths door, suffering from a physical IMG_0334illness or spiraling down some depression hole. I wasn’t broke or 100’s of pounds over weight. I was just seeking truth.

For me it was a slow awakening. Questioning life and knowing there was more than I was experiencing.  My journey into this profession came from my own longing to wake up.

Therefore my expansion and growth was not miraculous or even noticeable at times.

So when it comes to showing up as an expert for people my story is not all that captivating. Sure it’s significant but nothing that grabs peoples big hot buttons like weight, sickness or being broke.

What I am trying to say here is, It doesn’t matter what finally causes you to wake up, it’s that you do. And when that happens I am here.

It is my role as a healer/coach to guide you as you awaken. To help you remember.

To see the perfection of your essence and guide you to remembering  that truth.

To help you learn to trust and love yourself.

In the set up statement for original EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique).They say,

“Even though…. I have.., I feel.., I believe.. or whatever the case may be….I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

This is a powerful sentence.

That IS the goal.

To remember who you really are.

Because when you do,

YOU WILL deeply and completely love and accept yourself.

And from that place, all things are possible.

You Are Not Alone.

Call Today, Start Change Tomorrow.

Lori Barnett, HHP