A New Message From VERONICA
Surprise Yourself
    MB900433817 “Living a life can become laced with patterns of behavior.  Without realizing it, many become complacent with those patterns.  Routines created become a way of life for many.
     We suggest taking an opportunity to surprise yourself.  If life has become predictable, especially with difficulty, why not make one completely different choice every day?
     Start by consciously going in a different direction.  By making one choice daily that is not uniform, you offer yourself an opportunity for change.
     The choice may not feel comfortable, but it is important to remember how long the patterns may have been in place.  Trust in yourself enough to be bold, by choosing one different thing.  It is worth a look.
     Many will say that they do not like surprises, however, a personally created surprise is somewhat different.
     The intention behind it is to become more aligned with the opportunities of life.  They often become clouded by repetitive behavior that has actually been out grown by the individual.
     So try it.
     Surprise yourself by choosing differently.  If you are anxious about it, start small.  If not, go big.  You really have nothing to loose but an outdated pattern.
     Remember you are the designer of your experience.
     If you are unsatisfied, make different choices.  One at a time if necessary.
     Why not begin today?”