Two Words.

MB900285786In my opinion there are two words that should be highly limited in your vocabulary.

Good and Bad.

The problem with these words is that it causes you to look at everything from a judgmental place.

If you’re not being Good then you must be being Bad. And of course if you’re being Bad then your definitely not being Good.

I see this a lot in people that struggle with food and weight, but it is not limited to that. I hear people refer to all sorts of things through the filter of Good or Bad.

I often will give clients a handout with different feeling words on it and have them describe how they feel and what’s been happening in their life using these new words. It’s amazing how different you can feel just by describing your mood or an event using different feeling words.

When you increase your emotional vocabulary you will have a more expansive way to express yourself and in the process help invoke a more true representation of your experience(s).

Here are some alternate words to get you started but by all means find some that you love.

Calm, Peaceful, Excited, Content, Amazing, Nice, Fascinated, Empowered, Alive, Stoked, Awesome, Delighted, Extraordinary, Hopeful, Eager, Touched, Happy. Spirited, Thoughtful, Pensive, Indulgent, Overjoyed, Satisfied.

Notice how often you use Good and Bad when you speak and try replacing them with a more expansive and positive word.

Do you have a problem expressing how you really feel? It’s not uncommon to learn at an early age to repress feelings. In fact many of us do this. It is super important if you want to to expand and deepen your connection to yourself and others to practice being with the physical sensations and thus the feelings and thoughts that accompany them.

With the right coaching you can learn to trust and express your authentic feelings as well as reframe your past beliefs.

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Lori Barnett