Unopened Gifts

We really do create our confrontations and dramas in an attempted to heal our pain.

I know this may be hard to wrap your head around but its true.

We seek to be heard and understood but instead of being honest and vulnerable about our hurt and pain we react in a scared and defensive way.

Obviously this leads to more misunderstanding, anger and hurt feelings. None of this would be necessary if we would take responsibility for our own wounds.

“But I don’t have any wounds” you say. I can tell you this: if your relationships are not as close as you would like , if you are yearning for more, then you have wounds.

So, what do you do?

Stop pointing the finger at another person for your pain. Your feelings are yours. Learn to express them honestly. Come from the truth of your heart.

Look in the mirror and take responsibility for your own feelings and remember you feel the way you feel because of “old” wounds not because of what is currently happening. The current situation is being created as a gift for you to heal.

Will you accept the gift?

Sometimes we’re not ready, and that’s ok because the gifts will continue to come. Hopefully one day you will be ready to receive them.