Are You Suffering in Silence?

One day long ago and unbeknownst to me I was suffering in silence. I stood in front of my teacher and willed myself not to show emotion. I told myself things like “I can handle this” and “I’m not going to feel this pain” but as soon as he said the words “you’re suffering in silence”, I broke.
That day I realized it was ok to feel and express my feelings. I learned how detrimental it can be to live with unresolved anger, sadness, guilt and shame. It’s been my intention ever since to help people heal their suffering.
I think you would be suprised to know how many people are trying to cope and manage their feelings. Often times at a cost, Addictions, Depression and Physical Disease are just some ways those unresolved emotions manifest. You will also see it in unhealthy relationships and anxieties.
Emotional Freedom Technique is one of the best tools I use to help people with their unresolved pain and suffering and it can help you. Call me today to see how I can help you find peace. 
Lori Barnett HHP, Eft Cert I