Your Invisibility Cloak

You may or may not have read the popular Harry Potter books, If you have then you know about the invisibility cloak that Harry wore to sneak around the castle harryundetected. I know being invisible is a one of those super-power traits that some might pick if they could.
Here’s the funny thing…all of us do have an invisibility cloak. It’s called the ego.
We create this cloak to protect ourselves and it shows up as our knee jerk responses, our resistances, our unloving thoughts and beliefs and anything else we do that keeps us from being in the world with an open and loving heart.
We wear this cloak to stay safe and protected not only from others but ourselves as well. This cloak keeps others from really seeing and knowing us, just as if we were invisible.
  • Have you ever felt like you didn’t matter?
  • Have you ever felt unworthy?
  • Do you have an addiction?
Then you wear a cloak!
Here’s the good news. Just like Harry, you can take the cloak off and be seen. Sure it may not be easy at first but with a little bit of support and a little bit of love, not only is it possible it’s who you really are.
Notice how you may keep yourself hidden from others.
What are you afraid of?
What feelings do you not want to feel?
It’s through loving those feelings that you will be able to remove your cloak.
Are you ready?
Do you need assistance?
Call today start change tomorrow.
Be well,
Lori Barnett