Are You a Worrier?

I am no stranger to worrying. It has been one of those things that I thought was a virtue. You know, because I worry means I care. I also know I learned how to worry
from watching and listeIMG_1433ning to those around me.


At some point in my life, I think I was in my early 20’s I bought some subliminal cassette tapes. The title of one of them was “how to stop worrying” so I was aware enough to know that I didn’t like it.


I can’t tell you now, what I worried about back then and that is the point of this email. Whatever I worried about didn’t matter.


Even now, If I start to worry, I remember “this to shall pass and all is well”


Now this may sound trite and even dismissive to some of you. But I will tell you, nothing ever gets solved from worrying. It serves absolutely no purpose what’s so ever. In fact it makes things worse and can even contribute to physical pain.


So what do you do when you are concerned about something and start to worry?


First, notice how you know you are beginning to worry. Does your mind race? does your heart race? Do you pace around the room?


Once you become aware of what your doing you can acknowledge the behavior. In a way, you are facing the worry. In this space you can see it more objectively and become the observer of the worrier.


The observer part of you is the wiser part of you. The wise self will remind the worrier that all is well and has always been well. You can also ask yourself some inquiring questions, such as,


What am I really feeling?
What is it that I really need?
What is my real concern?


All of these questions will lead you to the core limiting belief and from here you can use whatever technique you choose to heal it.


It works beautifully if you take the opportunity to inquire instead of going into auto pilot and a worry trance.


Give it a try, I know it has worked great for me.


Have some questions? Need some help?


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Lori Barnett
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