I have a confession….

You’ve  heard of the armchair quaterback? That guy sitting on his couch yelling out plays and opinions to the TV.  Well, I do that! Although its not sports that I am interested in. Nope, Its talk shows and reality tv. I can hardly watch without  making comments. As I watch I imagine sweeping in like wonder woman and tapping away  peoples pain.

I watched Meredith Baxter on Oprah the other day. Over and over she experienced pain from her past and I said to know one ” She should call me I could totally help her with that”. I watch Celebrity Rehab and I yell at Dr Drew ” you should TAP NOW”. The truth is I hate to see people suffering, especially when I know EFT would help them.

The thing is, there are so many great new energy psychology techniques available to use today and it seems a lot of people are still stuck in the old paradigm of therapy.  Today, you don’t have to keep re-experiencing the pain of past traumas. There is a kinder, gentler way to heal.