Awakening to Your True Self


“ After many hours of class and lots of experiential learning behind me. I sat across from my teacher and asked ……….

“If this isn’t who I am, then who am I ?”


He smiled and gave me a look that implied (ah grasshopper, you finally ask the right question)…. that was my answer! no words, no insight, just a look that told me I was going to have to figure that out for myself and the mire fact that I’d asked meant I was about to start down another road of self discovery.


Who am I? …………. I thought I knew.


Most of us think we know who we are by defining ourselves, by likes and dislikes or what we do for a living. We even define ourselves by our past experiences of success and failure. But is that who we really are?


Do you ever have the feeling that you are more?”


I wrote the above a few years ago. Recently while reading “The Jeshua Channelings” by Pamela Kribbe.  I came upon the following. It is not copied in it’s entirety, to read the whole thing visit and look under “from ego to heart II


“When you stop identifying yourself with the ego, you first get into a state of confusion as to who you are. This confusion can be profound and very philosophical in nature. You get to ask questions about the meaning of life, about good and bad, about what you really feel and think as opposed to what others have taught you to feel and think. These questions are suddenly very real to you and they have a direct bearing on the life choices you make. You look at yourself and you think: is this me? Is this what I want? It is hard to make choices now, since nothing is self-evident anymore.

In fact, you are now taking a step backwards, a step into the deep, a step inward. You become aware of deeper parts of yourself, parts that are less conditioned by your upbringing and by society. You receive glimpses of who you truly are: your uniqueness, your individuality. You remember that there is a part to you that is not dependent upon anything around you, your parents, your work, your relationships, not even your body. This is when you – vaguely – sense your divinity, the part of you that is completely unbound and eternal.

In fact, you are all multidimensional beings; you can and do manifest yourselves in several different realities at the same time. You are not bound to a linear timeframe. Your current personality is only one aspect of the multidimensional entity you are. Whenever you realize that your current expression as a physical human being is simply one aspect of you, you go beyond it and you can get in touch with the greater Self that you are.

But before you get there, you need to heal the wounded parts within you.”

Please visit

www.jeshua.netto read more. It may help you understand more about yourself so that you are able to “let go” and move towards who you really are!

If  you are need of  guidance and support, please contact me for help.

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4 thoughts on “Awakening to Your True Self”

  1. Aha! Let’s leave our egos behind and be our true selves. Here is a quote that speaks to me and my comment afterwards.

    Do you want love?

    There is a good reason why modern culture equates the heart symbol with love. In its simplest understanding, love is the experience of heart-conscious energy. Love is the experience of the universal Source, accessed through the portal of the heart. As infant children we should receive this Source love from our parents and families, but sadly it can be interrupted or absent from our early lives. When there hasn’t been enough Source love to help our own hearts attune to the Source we feel lost and disconnected, looking for our sense of self through others or through actions that excite our hearts but do not open them. If we are lucky we may find friends or a partner whose heart is open to share their Source love. If that doesn’t happen, a host of issues can set in for a lifetime: depression, anger, self-pity, addictions, apathy, physical pain & illness, abuse – adding more and more inner energy blocks to our own doorway to love.

    From ‘Unlimited You – A Journey to an awakening of Heart-Centered Consciousness’ by Loretta Mohl & Katherine Bird.

    That paragraph is the story of my life thus far and I am tired of it. Hence I am going to suceed in opening up my heart one way or another. I want to feel it, I want to share it, I want to be it…

    Thank you for your continuing guidance and support, you (nearly) 50 year old woman, you! 😉


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading this article And comments. Actually i was very familirar to these thoughts and ideas.. I asked that question, who am i… I went down /or up/ that path and discovered who i am. I still keep forgeting that realization in the midst of every day life. The path took me through the lower aspects of my mind which was one challenging ride but it got me to one new and wider perspective which i actually am grateful for. Your article reminded me now to revisit Jeshua’s Channelings by Pamela Kribbe and reread them all from my new perspective.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful article, opening your heart wide to the world:)

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