Does Your Personal Trainer Do the Work for You?

I walked by the trainer as he over saw some kids doing fitness drills. The girl in front of me was holding a ball and stepping up and down off of a low table. Over to the right was another girl pulling a big heavy rope and IMG_1300another doing push ups. These girls were being trained outside of school for what looked like a sports team. The trainer stood there. He was not the one doing the work. He was the one telling them how many more to do and when to change exercises.

I thought about fitness training in general. People paying a lot  money to have someone tell them what to do. To push them past there comfort zone. Its a big business and these trainers are getting paid well. The funny thing is…its not the trainer doing the work. It’s the client.

The client is the one that has to show up and do the exercises. And the client knows that they are not going to get fit or the body they want in one session. If the trainer is good they will also be addressing the clients food intake and stress levels. Knowing that it all has to work together for the best results. Again, the client has to do the work.

Between sessions they must take care of their bodies and eat healthfully. If they don’t they won’t see the results that they want.

I then thought about my world. The world of “emotional fitness” if you will.  I thought about my role as a healer and how much I am responsible for.

Like a trainer, I cannot do the work for someone. They have to show up and be willing to be vulnerable. Between sessions they must do their homework to continue getting the results that they want.

Often times the emotional work is much harder to do than the physical work. It’s “easier” to exercise for an hour than process some deep wounds or look at the shadow.

However, the payoff for doing the emotional work cannot only be beneficial for mental and emotional health but contribute to your physical health as well..

It all works together. Body/Mind/Emotion

In holistic school we used our bodies to elicit stored emotions by creating tension, pain or fatigue in a muscle group. Have you ever felt like crying while doing a particular exercise?

Now we have more gentle processes and ways to transform those unresolved and unexpressed emotions. Thank goodness.

As with physical fitness, when you get to a point where just a few days at the gym is enough to stay fit, so it is with emotional health. Once things start to clear and you begin to feel the truth of who you really are less focus and attention is needed.

So the point is, wherever you are in your life.  The places you want to to see changes. YOU have to do the work.

If you are not seeing the results that you want. First take full responsibility. Then try a new approach. Remember that we have some great defense strategies in place to keep us safe so sometimes you need to change things up.

If you’re ready, I’m here.

Call today, start change tomorrow.

Lori Barnett