Are Your Labels Keeping You Safe and Stuck?

Let me start by clarifying. This post is not a judgment. What I am about to share is meant to give you a new perspective for your life. If you are happy with your label, if it works for you, by all means keep it. However, if IMG_0367practice002there is a part of you that feels limited and stuck, read on.

I am codependent.

I am ____survivor.

I am a worrier.

I am shy.

I am ______ (fill in the blank)

I could write pages of labels and identifications that one could use to keep them in a state of stuckness. But more than the label it’s the meaning that we attach to the label that makes it stick.

Take a moment to think of a label you use to identify yourself. (for the sake of this exercise pick a perceived negative one)

What meanings have you given it?

How does it keep you from something that you want?

By identifying with your label it has the power to keep you stuck in a cycle of justifying your behaviors.

Energy psychology is making great strides in turning what was thought to be “learn to live with it” “its just the way I am” types of problems upside down.

New science is showing us that we can change our brain.

No longer do you have to live with perceived flaws or debilitating issues. Unless of course it keeps you feeling connected and safe and you like it.

We are understanding more and more about how we hold trauma and beliefs in our bodies and unconscious.  We are using techniques like EFT, FEFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Living Inquires, Heart Intelligence  and so much more to heal and change ourselves.

Coping with your label can be a thing of the past. True freedom is possible.

What thoughts and or feelings arise when you think about dropping your label?

Who will you be without it?

How will your life change?

If you feel ready to move past the limits you may have set for yourself. If you are tired of hiding behind a label.

Call today, start Change tomorrow.

Lori Barnett