EFT in sports

?This clip features college baseball champion Jorge Reyes tapping on himself during a high-stakes finals game. EFT in Sports Jorge was taught EFT by a remarkable sports coach, Greg Warburton. After learning EFT, Jorge and the Oregon State baseball team won the College World Series – then went on to win it an unprecedented second time!

EFT is slowly making its way into professional and college sports, thanks to the efforts of coaches like Greg. Greg and I did a study at Oregon State University in which basketball players were randomized into an EFT group and a placebo group. The group that received EFT scored 38% better on free throws after just 15 minutes of EFT! Greg has gone on to train numerous college golf, tennis, basketball, and other sportspeople in the basics of EFT, and some of these athletes are becoming professional sports stars.


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