I Have to…

Does this sound familiar?  It’s Sunday evening, you’ve just had a busy but fun weekend and now this is what you start to say: “I have to go to work tomorrow … and I really have to start back on my diet … and I have to go to the gym and the grocery store …

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Coping vs. Healing

We all learn to cope. We spend pretty much our entire lives coping. Some don’t even notice this is what there doing and some find themselves deeply addicted to something. It can seem harmless or it can be very harmful. One thing is the same — however you’re coping, it is just a cover up …

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Sometimes We Cry

Sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t Sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re wrong Sometimes we cry Sometimes its bad when the going gets tough We look in the mirror and we want to give up Sometimes we don’t even think we’ll try Sometimes we cry  Lyric from “Sometimes We Cry” By: Van Morrison

Weight-Loss Technique Eliminates Emotional Overeating

Weight Loss Technique Eliminates Emotional Overeating: Halts Need for Comfort Foods San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) — Most diet and exercise plans require will power – and that’s why they fail. But a simple “emotional acupressure” technique eliminates the need for will power along with the underlying causes of emotional overeating.

The Truth

“The truth shall set you free.” What does that mean exactly? Who’s truth are we talking about? I think the truth — the real truth — is the same for everybody. At the core of who we really are ~ regardless of your perception ~ is where the real truth lives. It is the same …

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Got Emotional Health?

Nowadays much time and attention given to the importance of our physical health — not only by the experts espousing and supporting various theories — but by ourselves trying to sort through and make sense of all of this information. With many people suffering from Alzheimer’s we are also very aware of our mental health …

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